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11 Cute & Comfortable Outfit Ideas for Quarantine (and Beyond)

Wearing "real clothes" can be a struggle nowadays. It's hard to find the motivation to put together cute AND comfortable outfits when you're going to be staying home all day.

Last week, I explained why it's important to still dress-up during quarantine. But knowing you should do something and actually doing the thing you should do are two very different things.

Finding the time & motivation to put together an outfit each morning isn't always easy. That's why, for this week's blog, I'll be giving you basic outfit ideas to apply to your own wardrobe so getting dressed in the morning will be easier & quicker. Let's get started with outfit #1:

1. Yoga Pants Look

If the thought of taking off your favorite pj's is a bit too much for you right now, then wearing yoga pants is the perfect baby step on the road to wearing "real clothes."

When you imagine a cute outfit, you probably don't picture someone wearing yoga pants. They are very pajama like, after all. But luckily, when paired with a plain or patterned tee + a jean jacket, you get a trendy, casual look.

Don't have or want to wear a jacket? In that case, I suggest going with a patterned top. I'm partial to florals, but camo is adorable, too!

2. Palazzo Pants Look

Palazzo pants are AMAZING. They're so soft, comfortable, and even dressier than yoga pants! I actually have this exact pair, and I love them. I bought them from Radiance Boutique (located in Florence, AL). I got them a long time ago, so they're not around anymore, but you should definitely check out what is available on their website.

These pants are a great option for those working from home who want to feel both comfortable and like an adult. You can do what a lot of others are doing, of course, and wear pj bottoms with a nice top. Or! You can take it to the next level with palazzo pants and a simple button-up blouse. Just don't forget to tuck your shirt in for a more polished look.

Are you not being seen on Zoom calls? Or maybe you're just not ready to wear something like a button-up. In any case, you can still feel more put-together by wearing a simple but cute t-shirt.

3. Skirt Look

Right now, you might be thinking something like: "A skirt? You think wearing a skirt at home is comfortable?" And the answer is...sometimes. Pretty much any article of clothing can be comfortable if you find the right kind, and that applies to skirts, too.

A lot of things can make a skirt either comfortable or uncomfortable, but I believe that there are two especially important things to keep in mind: length and fit

Odds are, you're going to find that skirts that are at least long enough to reach your knees are the comfiest. Although cute, when a skirt is too short, you'll end up adjusting frequently so they don't ride up. Plus, longer skirts give you more sitting options. In fact, some skirts are so long, you can easily sit criss-cross-applesauce! (Adults still do that, right?)

Secondly, you have to make sure the waistband is tummy-friendly. No one wants to wear super-tight fitting clothes while working from home or playing Animal Crossing for hours.

If you're going for a fancy look, then pair your skirt with a nice top or blouse. But if you're feeling more casual, I suggest going with a graphic shirt. I absolutely adore the aesthetic of a feminine skirt with a grungier piece like a band tee.

4. Jeggings Look

Jeggings are a beautiful creation. They look like jeans but feel MUCH nicer. If you don't own a pair, you should try them (when you can, of course) because odds are, you'll love them.

But! If you already have a pair, there are so many ways to wear them!

I don't have kids, but I know people who do, and the general consensus seems to be that dressing nicely anytime, much less during a pandemic, feels pretty much impossible. And that definitely makes sense. I can only imagine how many different responsibilities you're juggling and how chaotic life must get sometimes.

Odds are, you don't want to wear your nicest clothes out of fear of getting them stained or torn or messed up in some way. But that doesn't mean your only option is a pair of pj's. I know it can be hard to take time for yourself, but I promise, the small act of putting on a pair of jeggings instead of sweats really will put you in a better mood.

You can pair them with a nice blouse of course, but simply wearing a nicer t-shirt (especially if it's one of your favorites), will do the trick.

But if you can afford to risk wear something dressy and you're going to be on Zoom calls, then I suggest going with a pattern on top. Wearing fun patterns or adding jewelry like a necklace or earrings will help you stand out, especially if your background is plain. Right now, I'm especially a fan of blouses with details on the collar.

5. Shorts Look

The weather still fluctuates where I live but summer is definitely on its way. That means it's time to break out the shorts! If you don't feel like wearing basic blue jeans, then try a pair of paperbag shorts. They come in adorable colors and patterns, plus, they're way softer. And if you still want the jean look, there's even jean versions of paperbag shorts!

I found these particular pair of denim shorts at a local boutique - Bella Vita Unique Boutique - you can click the link to check them out.

Shorts can be paired with a wide variety of tops. That being said, I love the look of a tank or spaghetti strap tucked into a pair of paperbag shorts. Something about this combo creates an effortlessly feminine & stylish look.

I hope these suggestions have inspired you to put together outfits using your own wardrobe. I know it may feel pointless, but it really is crazy how much your outfit affects your mindset, mood, and in turn, your day.

Which outfit is your favorite or inspired you the most? If you do try a new outfit based on my ideas, I'd love to see it! If you post any pictures on Facebook or Instagram, don't forget to tag me and use the hashtag #kbstylist!

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