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Five Fashion Stylist Tips for Making Closet Organization Fun

The weather is getting warmer where I live, and I'm becoming more and more aware that I need to reorganize my closet. You might would think that I'd be on top of something like this since I'm a fashion stylist, but alas, even I can't help but get overwhelmed sometimes at the thought of reorganizing my entire wardrobe. In my defense, though, I've known for a while now that I'd be moving around this time, and I'd like to think that's a good enough excuse.

But! In any case, moving means I'll finally be getting my wardrobe in order soon. So what better time to give tips on organizing your closet than now? Yes, going through your closet can be overwhelming, but I hope these tips will help give you the push you need to get started - which is truly the hardest part, in the end. :P

Tip One: Have a Plan

There are lots of ways to reorganize your closet. You could:

  1. Organize your clothes for the current season

  2. Organize your clothes for the current season + figure out what to keep, toss, & donate

  3. Organize your clothes for all seasons

  4. Swap out your clothes from last season with your clothes for the current season

Already know which is best for you? Nice! If not, I recommend considering how your clothing is currently stored + what your end-goal is exactly.

I'll use myself as an example. I have my cold-weather clothes hanging in my closet and my warm-weather clothes folded in my dresser. If I weren't moving soon, I'd be going with a combination of #2 and #4 - this means I'd be purging* my warm-weather clothes + moving them from the dresser to the closet. Which, of course, means my cold-weather clothes would go from the closet to the dresser.

If you have any questions about the different ways to organize your closet or would like some advice, feel free to DM me on Instagram.

I have tips & tricks for each specific option, but for this article, the advice I'll be giving can be applied no matter which one you choose.

*Purging: The act of going through your clothes and deciding what to keep, toss, or donate

Tip Two: Create a Nice Work Space

Once you finally convince yourself to organize your closet, you might find yourself diving in headfirst. But before you touch a single article of clothing, you need a game-plan. More specifically, you need to have a clean, spacious area to work in.

Odds are, your bed will be the best choice. But no matter the space you choose, the most important thing is that your work area is clean and allows you the space you need.

Ideally, you'd take the time to make the whole room that you'll be working in clean, too. Cleansing your closet can get pretty messy. That means you'll want to try and eliminate as many unpleasant aspects of the process as you possible can.

In other words, your room is going to end up looking pretty chaotic so you might as well do yourself a favor and don't begin the process already in that overwhelming state.

Tip Three: Get Creative

Before getting started, make sure you have the right supplies. You might not need to find out exactly how many hangers you have, but now is a great time to consider new, creative ways you can store your belongings.

Drawer organizers tidy up your dresser and create more space. Shoe racks are life savers if you find yourself tripping over shoes you left in the middle of the floor. And bins are great for storing clothes you want to keep but barely (or never) wear but still want to keep.

There are so many ways to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories, so take the time to asses what you have and think outside of the box!

Tip Four: Set Aside Enough Time

Have you ever gotten the sudden urge to clean your entire house? Maybe you normally put this kind of thing off, but for some reason, you find yourself diving in headfirst, convinced your house will be spotless in no time.

Fast forward: you're surrounded by clutter, distracted by random stuff you own that you forgot even existed. You have so much cleaning left to do but not enough time left to finish before bed. Your house is now even messier than when you began.

You don't want that to happen when organizing your closet.

Luckily, all you need to do is choose a day that will allow you plenty of time to get everything done. Think you'll need more than a day? That's fine! Just make sure you have a plan that doesn't leave you with a pile of clothes on your bed when it's time to sleep.

This can mean planning to stop at a point where your room isn't very messy, if at all. Or maybe you can neatly put clothes away in another room for the night. In any case, if you plan even a little bit in advance, your future self with thank you.

Tip Five: Make it Fun!

This is a pretty common tip for doing things you don't like to do, but I had to include it because it really does make such a difference!


There are so many fun things you can do while organizing your closet. I'll list some ideas below for inspiration, but I definitely encourage you to take a moment to really try and think outside the box.

  1. Listen to music

  2. Watch a show, movie, YouTube, etc.

  3. Listen to a podcast

  4. Listen to an audio book

  5. Have your favorite drink and/or snack

  6. Wear an outfit that makes you happy/feel good

  7. Organize with a friend (or fashion stylist!)

I'm writing this when COVID-19 is still very much affecting all of our lives. If that's still the case when you're reading this, you might think #7 isn't a good option right now. But if you have a friend or family member who is willing to help you out or simply keep you company, then video calling is a great option.

Organizing your closet can be incredibly overwhelming, but you absolutely can manage to do it on your own. But! There's also no shame in needing (or wanting) some help.

If you would like some help, might I suggest working with a fashion stylist? I offer a service called Closet Cleanse that helps women do just that: cleanse their closets. It's available to women virtually through Zoom, and you can learn more about it here.

If you'd like to chat with me directly, feel free to book a free, no-commitment consultation call now. We can discuss what your needs are, any concerns you have, and we'll figure out if I'm the right stylist for you!

And because you read this article to the end, I'll be offering a limited time promo rate just for you! When signing up for a consultation call, include the words "BLOGPROMO" in one of your answers to get this $250 package for only $199. But hurry! This promotion ends in a week on Thursday, May 7th.

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